Minnesota State Fair

Miracle of Birth Center

The best thing in the world: Deep fried Cheese aka Cheese Curds

Bacon Ice Cream? What?

Yep, we pretty much tried everything.

Okay wait- did I say Cheese Curds are the best thing in the world? Well, these deep fried Snicker Bars on a stick were A M A Z I N G !


The Minnesota State Fair.. The place were they deep fry EVERYTHING. Seriously. You didn't know you could deep fry S'mores? Or snicker bars? What about Cheese, Shrimps or Reese's? Yes.. you can. Besides that you can also visit the "Miracle of Birth Center" which is like a little farm with pigs, sheeps, cows,... and you can watch them give birth. Then you go outside where you can buy bacon on a stick. Ironical?
Bacon on a stick.. That's the other thing about the State Fair. Pretty much everything is on a stick. We started our little food adventure with Cheese Curds and Donuts. Followed by deep fried S'mores (on a stick) and deep fried Snicker bars (on a stick). Afterwards we had deep fried Pizza (on a stick, which was gross) and some cookies to go. It was crazy and kinda disgusting haha But it's only once a year so we didn't really have a choice, right ;) 
Of course they also have a lot of rides and roller coaster besides the food but they are super expensive so we just watched them and walked around. This took us quite a bit actually because the State Fair ground is huge! They had little concerts and Linkin' Park was playing there as well. You can buy cars, hot tubs, lawnmower,.. It's insane but fun. At the end of the day I couldn't move anymore because of all the food but it was worth it ;)

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