Labor Day Weekend 2014


I don't know why I never posted these pictures from our Labor Day Weekend in Wisconsin but here they are! We rent a cabin for 15 people and spent the weekend up north. We didn't do anything special but it was really nice to be with the family and just hang out a little bit. It was all about fishing, drinking, eating, relaxing and s'mores at the bonfire ;) We got there on a friday night and it was raining really bad. We were driving around and couldn't find the cabin because the GPS kept showing us the wrong way. We even ended up at a cabin on a lake that wasn't the right one. It was so creepy, I felt like I was in a really bad horror movie! We followed a road with maybe 5 houses and is was just dark and the thunderstorm didn't stop. I was pretty much prepared to die in the middle of nowhere haha no just kidding but I seriously couldn't stop thinking of all the horror movies I watched about family who got killed in their little cabins at a lake. Well, the next day it was actually really nice outside and we were able to go for a little boat ride and sit outside to make a bonfire, eat s'mores and watch the stars.



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