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Sometimes people say things
that they don't really mean
They just might call you names
to lift their self esteem

But soon enough, they'll realize
that it'll never work
Because inside they're trying to hide
how much they really hurt
But as long as you know who you are
and what you're about
Nothing they say can shake your pride
and make you doubt the beauty you have in you


Anonym schreibt...

Bekommen wir auch mal wieder Jana zu sehn :) ?

Anonym schreibt...

Erdbeeren <3
Woher ist dieses supersüße Hocker? :)

Anonym schreibt...

nom nom nom nom nom, ich bins, der pädobär und hab in dein müsli gejizzt ;D haha spaß :D ich mag den post (die bilder) total !

PUNAHUSSY schreibt...

total schöne bilder

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